The awesome photography of Lori Nix

A dear friend today sent me the link of this fabulous photographer, Lori Nix. She creates herself the scenery in front of the camera and then she is taking pictures. Truly inspiring ones. As she says:

"I am often asked questions about the inspiration for my work as well as my working process. As a ‘non-traditional’ photographer (I construct my subject matter rather than go find it) people find it hard to grasp what exactly it is that I do. And the fact that it is all done in front of the camera, with no digital manipulation, adds its own set of challenges. Building materials, lighting, issues of scale and space all become significant when you are recreating the world on a table top. I've listed a few of the more frequently asked questions and my responses. Hope you enjoy."


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annie markantonatou said...

amazing pics!


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