Coralie Bickford-Smith • Pure eye candy covers!

Such a great surprise this morning, to discover this brilliant artist! In my e-mail inbox, Design Sponge had a feature about Coralie and her wonderful work with Penguin books.
Coralie Bickford-Smith is a senior cover designer at Penguin Books, where she has created several series designs. She studied typography at Reading university and has recently been sharing her experience with
students at London College of Communication encouraging a sense of play in the process of design.

You can find her work here



το χειρότεχνο said...

τι ομορφα χρωματα!!!!

Design Elements said...

lovely post!

karuski said...

Wow, what an eye candy. I'm smitten! Happy weekend to you!

la boom! said...

She does excellent work! I love it :)
have a great weekend girls!

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