The fantastic work of talented Aled Lewis

When I came across these awesome photos at pikaland today, I knew I had to make a post about them! The title of this series is "Toy Stories" and some of them you can purchase in printed version here. Great sense of humor in between these lovely creatures! As you can see a lot is going on in the animal kingdom lately :)
He is also participating in the project "make something 365"!

Good luck Aled!

make something 365


Flo said...

great pictures...and great blog! congrats :-)

la boom! said...

Great artist indeed!
thank you for your kind words!

Anna of IHOD said...

I just love your blog. So much fun:) Such a cool style of art these are as well!

la boom! said...

Thank you Anna! You are doing a terrific work with yours! And Aled is a genius indeed :)

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