Happy Summer, Greek Festival and a giveaway!

Greek Festival Poster 2011

Greek Festival Poster 2011
My giveaway at City of Dionne blog

Things have been really busy here the last couple of months and I can't find the time to post all the things I like. Hectic period will continue until the end of August. You see, greek islands are very popular during summer and it is the high season here...
So, I hope I can post from time to time, I leave you with 2 poster of Greek Festival designed by designpark and my summer giveaway!

Take care


Goodthings said...

Such a cute banners!

Christina said...

Η δουλειά σου είναι τέλεια! όλα τα illustrations είναι απίθανα! Χαίρομαι πολύ που βρήκα το blog σου,πάνω που αναρωτιόμουν αν υπάρχουν έλληνες με τέτοιου είδους inspirational blog! :)

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