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La Belle Epoque
Lili Scratchy exhibition
Vika Mitrichenka ceramic trophy cups

I was going through Polkaros blog today (which by the way is  a m a z i n g !) and I so loved this shop called La Belle Epoque in Hong Kong, this exhibition by Lili Scratchy and these SO unique ceramic trophy cups by Vika Mitrichenka. 
I was in Athens a week ago, running some regular prego tests, and I discovered the best news. I am having a little girl!!! Yayyyyyy! I am in 18th week now and I already have started to have thoughts about nursery room deco and all these kind of stuff. Will be posting things that inspire me regularly now :) Can't wait to meet her!



Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Polkaros blog is really amazing!
& congratulations for the so good news! i wish you the best for this journey!

p.s. you didn't know you were pregnant all this time? :)
i think it was quite a surprise!!!!


Tatiana Kontouli said...

Hello Evdokia!
I knew it (I am nearly 20 weeks now) but I didn't feel like announcing it on my blog yet :)

Thank you so much for your wishes, it is a surprise anyway :):)


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